Elves of Beru

by Hawke — last modified Feb 01, 2015 02:48 AM - This information applies mostly to the elves in the surrounding areas under Arthur's rule. The Characters may not have information about the elves in other lands (sea elf characters would be more "worldly" than most of the other races).

Elves of Beru

All Elves have a quasi-latin-like approach to their language, but it is not the "vulgar" Latin of the Arthurian humans.

Aquariatus, Sea Elves[missing page]

The Sea Elves, or “Aquariatus”, are the “gypsies” of the Elven race.

Ascentiatus, High Elves[missing page]

High Elves have a richly developed society, with incredible architecture, artwork, inventions, magic works, well-developed cities, and a richly developed society. 

Nebulatus / Gray Elves[missing page] / Mist Elves[missing page]

The Grey Elves, or Elves of the Mists. "Nebulatus"

Nochtiatus, Dark Elves[missing page]/Drow[missing page] Elves

Despised by all the “good” races, especially other non-Drow Elves, the Drow were not always “evil”.

SylvantiatusSylvan Elves/Wood Elves[missing page]

Tribal. Frequent fights between other wood elf tribes, especially as the forest rapidly undergo changes from the climactic changes.

Half-elves[missing page]

Half-elves are treated differently depending on what race-mix they are, the continent/lands they are currently visiting, and the specific culture they are interacting with.