Descendants of Uarari

The Descendants of Uarari

The Descendants of Uarari


When Uarari[missing page] had cut off all the branches of the Tree of Matoa[missing page], he left that land and went North to ______

There lived Neti Anginima[missing page].

2 children born.

1st Teh Antaomamiti[missing page] (the half-spirit-half-man).

2nd Nah Babarou[missing page] ("The Traveller[missing page]")

After those children were born, Uarari said to his wife, 'Woman, let us go to my kalhingat[missing page] (house-place) which is at Banabato[missing page].

She prevented him not: they arose and got up on their canoe named Tebare-na-kia-na-bitu-na-Beru[missing page] (Summit-of-tree-of-swiftness-of-truth[missing page]).

When they arrived at Banabato, these were the ancestors who landed with them - Nen Tabebu[missing page], Keutobe[missing page], Nemekiane[missing page], Nung Kubatia[missing page], Nua Toberata[missing page], Ne Menanamita[missing page]; and their leader (motonewe[missing page]) was Nua Angenemiao[missing page].

It was these who portioned out the land, and lived in The Three Places[missing page] Biangta[missing page], Amu[missing page], and Baukinokai[missing page].

Their children live there to this day; and the fourth place is Tabawawe[missing page], where live the children of Tabakethaa[missing page] and Titaubine[missing page], who remained on Banabato when Auriaria[missing page] and Natareau[missing page] went voyaging.