Downfall Comet

by Hawke — last modified Feb 01, 2015 02:36 AM - According to legend, and more accurately from the long lives (and memories) of the elves (and other long-lived races), a few centuries ago a great comet struck the world, and nothing has been the same since. All lands were changed by the impact. ....

The Downfall Comet

Called such because associated with the end of the Great Twilight War[missing page] with Lolth[missing page] & the Drow[missing page] against all the rest.

Feel about 500 years ago.

Began a slowly accelerating destabilizing of the planets axis, causing the north pole to increasingly wobble off the axis leading to the north ice moving south. Also the planet's orbit is increasingly disrupted becoming increasingly elongated in the oblong. leading to longer and more extreme winters and shorter but more intense summers.

The latest war, with Mordred the Drow, the Devils, Demons, Cat Lord and others. Due to the manipulative nature of this war, after the fact it will be know as the Great Shadow War[missing page], or more derisively the Shadow Puppets War[missing page].