Dragonspine Mountains

by Hawke — last modified Jan 28, 2015 01:35 PM - The Dragonspine Mountains are immensely rugged sharp jagged peaks, with several active and semi-dormant volcanoes. Portions of these mountains were formed during the last great battle with the Drow that reshaped much of the local lands.

Overview of the Dragonspine

Running mostly north to south, along the eastern-most borders of Regnum Sapientum, and then a small chain of islands through the sea between the northern and southern continents, and then continuing in the southern continent.

Most believe these mountains are named because of their jagged shape resembling the features of a huge dragon. Others, such as the dreaded truth seekers, claim a more literal interpretation claiming it is the actual spine of a monstrous Galactic Dragon that either fell asleep and the planet formed around it, or that crashed into the planet and was either killed or put into a lengthy coma, and may some day awaken and tear the planet apart when it does so.

The Oracle of Dragonspine[missing page]

There are rumors abounding about a great oracle from the olive island that moved to the dragonspine fleeing the early attacks of the Mordredian forces years ago. ...



The Dragonborn Pass[missing page] Southern Dragonspine Pass[missing page]



The Queen's Pass[missing page] (Central Dragonspine Pass[missing page])




The [King's Pass]] Northern Dragonspine Pass[missing page]

Northron Pass[missing page]