Draoi Geata

The Druids' Gate – Draoi Geata

Pronounced: "DRY-ah GEE-ta"

3-7 full days travel from The Fist of Kord to the Druid's Gate. Party will likely arrive shortly before sunset. If October 31st, it is the first of 7 days fall festival. For the first 3 days the Druids will refuse to open the gate to anyone in or out, short of an immediate attack. For the remaining 4 days, they will be greatly resistant to anyone leaving during the festival, but could be talked into it.

The Draoi Geata is actually two sets of walls and gates in parallel, mostly running east-west from the road, then later the western half veering north along the inside of the forest border, and the east side veering south in the Wild Woods.

The walls at the treeline are 100' (with the trees within 100' from the walls kept magically to a maximum height of 20' and spaced 20' apart, clearly planted. These trees are magically enchanted as living guardians. They are incongruously all quaking aspen. They rustle their leaves in specific patterns, whether there is wind or not, alerting any druids on guard about anyone in sight. These trees spread out of site to the west, and go about 5 miles to the east (into the thick of the Wild Woods, where the walls stop and join together, but a very dangerous area.

The southern Wall

AT the gatehouses, the walls are nearly 250' high.

The walls are constructed of stone.

The two walls are generally about 500' apart (almost 2 football fields apart).

The southern gate is usually open, while the northern is usually closed.

The PC's will be allowed to enter the southern gate, but once within, will be surrounded by Druids (mostly apprentices and low level), until the gate commander, Arlen Brieg, Druid 6th level, comes to see the PC's.

There are about 16 low-level druids on the south gate, and about 20 on the north gate (plus the commander, and his second in command).

He will be resistant to letting the PCs pass north, warning them that the Wood Elves, Centaurs, and Northrons are all causing trouble just before the winter settles in. If they want to pass, they need to either provide an animal (or person) for sacrifice to the Fey at tonight's ceremony (. If they do not have something like that to offer, then they will need to join the Druids at the bonfire (in the center of the walls, just to the west of the road), and participate in the ceremony, including drinking the ceremonial drink (a lttle bit of the blood of all those participating). This ceremony lasts for the 3 days of the full moon, waxing, full, and waning.

Gate Head Druid – Sean Draoi (old druid) – about 60 years old – Level 9

Second in command – Abhainn Iníon (river daughter) – about 50 years old – Level 5