Only legend, obscure stories, and the Truth Seekers, acknowledge the possibility of Dragonoids. Dragon that are able to assume the shape of humanoids on a limited basis allowing them to walk among civilization.

Little is truly known about the Dragonoids, but what is suggested by the myth and ancient tomes seems to indicate the following:

These are actual dragons that are able to assume humanoid bipedal shape, without tail or wings, but on a limited basis and with many revealing characteristics that they need to hide under cloak or other disguise, else their eyes, teeth, facial structure and claw-like hands and scaled skin quickly reveal their possible origin.

They are NOT the same as Draconians or Dragon-born.

As they age it becomes increasingly difficult to switch form and they could end up "stuck" in humanoid form if they remain in it for too long, losing their ability to revert back to their original dragon form.

They are usually very young by dragon standards (because of the difficulty changing form as they get older).

They do retain the magical aspects of their dragon form to some degree, and their scaled skin is a significantly protective armor.

They typically weigh 2-3x more than their size would indicate (very high density, though nothing compared to the "science" of what their mass should be.

They are not able to use their breath weapon (if any) in humanoid form.