Fates Revolt Allowed Species

Here is a list (with links) to the allowed player character species and cultures.

While most any profession is allowed, though with variation between species and cultures, there are limitations for this campaign on which species may be player characters (PCs).

It is greatly encouraged to not pick the same old species as other settings and RPGs. The less similar to humans and humanoids the better for creative challenges.

This list is not exhaustive (yet), but should help with suggestions for what you could select.

Note that to be played as a PC for this campaign, must be good-aligned (despite whatever the species normal alignment typically happens to be), and an intelligent variant (will need to spend points if not normally beyond animal intelligence (8), to make intelligent “enough” to play as PC).
Must also spend points to enable some kind of speech or sign language that at least one other member off the PC group can understand.

Note any species that are native to the Northern continents, are rare survivors since those continents were utterly destroyed and turned into seas of magma during “The Shattering”. They would have had to be south of the equator on the seas (and likely shipwrecked thereafter), or on (or under) a southern land that wasn’t engulfed by the waves, firestorms, ash storms, ash winters, etc., triggered by the Shattering.

AMORPHOUS Intelligent Lifeforms

  • Butatsch[missing page] (HSB59)
  • Intelligent Energy Entity[missing page]
  • Intelligent Gaseous Entity[missing page]
  • Intelligent Ooze[missing page] (modified HSB70)
  • Giant Intelligent Bat[missing page] (Vampire optional)


/nonpedal (and/or Winged and/or Multiple Limbs (FH344+)

  • Beholder[missing page]
  • Broo[missing page] (RQM21)also seeMongrel-men[missing page]
  • Centaur[missing page] (FH55-56 + HSB__) (BRP340)(RQM25)
  • Drider[missing page]
  • Fachan[missing page](RQM63)
  • Lamia[missing page] (serpent body & tail instead of legs, human upper torso on up (HSB165+167) any gender allowed, but not evil for PCs).(RQM86)
  • Leomachus[missing page] (basically lion centaur) (HSB165+168-169)
  • Harpy[missing page] (HSB149)(RQM77)
  • Manticore[missing page] (
  • Migdalar[missing page] (4 arms, 2 legs, brain-head) (HSB254)
  • Miniature Dragon[missing page] (cat/dog size) (HSB124) +
  • Morokanth[missing page](RQM93)
  • Naga[missing page] (HSB363)
  • Newtling[missing page](BRP95)
  • Octopoid[missing page] aka Walktapus[missing page](RQM144)
  • Rootling[missing page] (271+)
  • Scorpion-man[missing page] (any gender) (HSB202)(RQM110)
  • Shedu[missing page] (Winged bull centuar-like) (HSB203)
  • Shishi[missing page] (dragondog)(HSB354-355)
  • Treeman[missing page] (young sapling) (HSB192)

SHIFTER[missing page]+

Has more than one form, potentially able to assume humanoid form but with limitations.

  • Dragonoid[missing page] (Wiki + custom templates)
  • Free-Elementals[missing page](self-willed, intelligent)(BRP354-7)(RQM51-61)
  • Myceton[missing page] (living intelligent moving fungus creature) (HSB259-260)
  • Tanuki[missing page] (HSB366)(shape-shifting dog-humanoid)

INSECTOID[missing page]

  • (Any) (HSB244-
  • Arachan[missing page](RQM132)
  • Cerebresite[missing page](RQM133)
  • Ephemere[missing page](RQM134)
  • Kitsune[missing page]
  • Mantasi[missing page]
  • Mymex[missing page]
  • Myrmidon[missing page](RQM135)
  • Timinit[missing page](RQM131)

HUMANOID[missing page]

If you really aren’t comfortable with something non-humanoid/bipedal, here are some to select from that at least aren’t the same-old-same-old.

  • Cat-folk[missing page] (FH55 +HSB387)
  • Dragon-folk[missing page] (FH)
  • Duckoid[missing page](RQM49))
  • Elk-man[missing page] (HSB389)
  • Gargoyle[missing page] (FH + HSB140)(RQM+64)
  • Grotaron[missing page](RQM75)
  • Guardian Ape[missing page] (HSB52+HSB389+HSB390) (BRP335)
  • Giant[missing page] (FH) (BRP344)(RQM67)
  • Gigantopithecus[missing page] (HSB453)
  • Kallicantzari[missing page] (HSB247) (goat-headed humanoid)
  • Kappa[missing page] (turtle folk, Japanse spirit folk) (HSB349)
  • Lizard-folk[missing page] (HSB249+HSB392)
  • Minikin[missing page] (2-3 inch tall humanoid) (HSB256)
  • Minotaur[missing page] (HSB257) (BRP345)(RQM92)
  • Phantasmite[missing page] (HSB184)
  • Rakshasa[missing page] (HSB366)
  • Pixie[missing page](RQM104)
  • Ratling[missing page] (HSB270)
  • Rat-man[missing page] (HSB391)
  • Styr[missing page](RQM108)
  • Serpent-folk[missing page] (FH+HSB276-277)
  • Shen[missing page] (chinese spirit folk)(HSB346-347)
  • Slarge[missing page](RQM116)
  • Sprite[missing page] (FH)
  • Tengu[missing page] (HSB357)
  • Troll[missing page](BRP347)
  • Trollkin[missing page](RQM137)
  • Uthosa[missing page] (fish-head-folk) (HSB300-301)
  • Vhesproth[missing page] (bat bipedla) (HSB300+302)
  • Volchine[missing page] (Vulture humanoids)(HSB302)
  • Voralan[missing page](RQM142)
  • Winged-folk[missing page] (FH+HSB386)
  • Wolfar[missing page] (wolf-headed humanoid) (HSB304)
  • Wolf-folk[missing page]


  • Human[missing page]
  • Dwarf[missing page] (BRP341)(RQM50)
  • Halfling[missing page](BRP344)(RQM76)
  • Elf[missing page]
  • Orc[missing page](BRP346)(RQM101)
  • Goblin[missing page](RQM68)
  • Gnome[missing page]
  • Ogre[missing page]