Fates Revolt Overview

A specific campaign in the Worlds of Beru Multiverse setting. The title has multiple meanings within the context of the campaign.

Everything is topsy turvy. What was good is bad, and bad it good.

Even the fates themselves are in jeopardy! The eldest fate is dying, the middle fate is barely holding the fabrcis together, and the youngest has disappeared!

This aspect of the multiverse, Beru is a shattered world, barely livable, and in constant flux and chaos.

While after The Great Comet[missing page]'s impact the planet was knocked of it's orbital axis and was slowly rolling over (moving the cold of the north more rapidly southwards, when the shattering of the nearest visible moon, with a quarter of it crashing into the northern hemisphere, the combination of these calamities is leading the planet to become increasingly tidally locked with the primary visible sun. Days used to last around 26 hours before The Comet, after that incident it shortened to about 24 hours. Now a hundred years after The Shattering, each year the days have become longer and longer, to the point that now daylight in the priary habitable areas of the southern hemisphere, depending on the season, now can be as long as 100 hours during the summer, and equally so the "night" in the winter seasons. In just a few more years the momentum will stop, with the northern hemisphere becoming tidally locked to the primary visible sun, and much of the southern hemisphere will become perpetual night. Making life on this shattered world even far worse!

Spring & Fall around 50 hours of daylight and 50 hours of night.

Is it possible that something can be done to turn this around? Or are the surviving life forms doomed?

Revolt of the Heroes[missing page] against the claims of the fates that all is hopeless.

Revolts of The Fates[missing page] that have broken away from their roles, and added to the chaos.

The disgust that some feel towards The Fates[missing page] (revolting).

What else?...

This campaign starts in a different location, time, and setting from the Heroes of the Mist[missing page] campaign. 100 years after their catastrophic failure that lead to the shattering of the moon, the planet, and the multiverse.

Start it in a very non-human setting (opposite of Regnum Sapientium), where humans and humanoids are the stark minority?

Shattered Isles? Southern Lands?

It is assumed that in this branch of the multiverse the in the last critical phase, the Heroes of the Mist failed the most important parts of their missions.

Mordred Pendragon[missing page] won, the tortured surface now called The Maelstrom[missing page],  is fully control him, and the Dukes of Hell now more easily walk not only through the fabric of that manifestationof the multiverse, but also now more easily the nearest manifestations as well. And they are spreading their domain.

What was once called The Underdark[missing page], now called The Refuge[missing page] by most that are from, or have moved, underground.

While humanoids used to be the dominant (in population numbers) before The Shattering, millions in this plane, and uncountable numbers in other parallel planes, were wiped out. Now non-humanoid species are dominant in numbers, especially those that can better survive the incredibly harsh climate of the shattered world, and can adapt to drifting in and out of other planes with dramatic atmospheric changes. This has lead to a lot more non-bipedals being up for roaming the lands. Very few livestock (horses, cattle, etc) and other species heavily linked to humans (domesticated cats, dogs, etc.) have survived.

A very more dystopic setting.

The War of the Heroes[missing page] (heroes said with a sneer now) was lost in this split of the multiverse.

But there are little pockets of rebellion left, here and there, and if they law low and quiet, and don't overreach, the powers in control don't bother to crush them, leaving the occasional harassment to The Ephemerals[missing page] as little more than mild amusing sport from time to time.

The world looks very different from what it once was. The scars of the cataclysmic events are still quite fresh. While nature has tried to renew, and made some success in a few areas, most areas are still wreathed in desolation, radiation, cratered, churning chaos, with entire chains of new volcanoes, and crumbling and crashing continents floating on a badly broken crust.

Old continents sunken, and new ones risen, but very few large habitable land masses remain.

An entire section of the world is an ocean of exposed magma, it will likely take many more centuries or eons for it to cool and harden once again, where a fragment of the shattered moon was pulled to the world during the battle.

Now there are 3 smaller, irregular moons in the sky.

Much of the world has been in a global ice age.

The crashing of the moon accelerated the spin off the access of the world, and now there are no regular seasons.  And the planet has fallen into a closer orbit.

As the heat of the sun is now greater, the ice age from all the ash in the sky, is now in retreat. But still more than 60% of the world is ice. But it is melting away very rapidly. So rapidly, it is estimated it will all be gone within the next 3 to 5 years.

This of course is further adding to the havoc.

FOr the Dukes of Hell and the other immortals, this is entertaining, though annoying. They had hoped to settle here, but the constant seismic and climate upheaval is too anno[ying, and soe they have all moved to the nearest matches, each in different aspects of the multiverse, where they still won, but without _quite_ as much long term disruption to enjoying the pleasure of domination.

Of course, the Dukes and Immortals from that split of themultiverse are not happy with this invasion, so now they literally war among themselves for domain in their own realms against their alternate selves!

The fabric is so thin, that these battles often bleed through into the core world, with very random results. New mountains, creatures, etc.

The mists now can appear anywhere. Any fog or mist anywhere might be a tear in the fabric. There are no longer safe courses across what remains of the seas.

These are brutal conditions.

The evil immortals rule.

And they have punished Lolth and her followers for her temerity to try to usurp control.

Lolth is imprisoned. She is not, and never will be "good". But the good news is the Drow, and a number of other species she subverted to her will, are now free of her control. Fortunately for them, the Dukes and others do not care about her prior minions, and consider them rebels, and would rather just incincerate them on sight.

Slowly, the drow have been allowed to revert to their original nature. They have returned to good, though there are groups that cling to worshipping Lolth, and resent the Dukes, and plot to try to free her, those are less than 10% of the Drow and and similar.

The Driders and others punished, hate lolth, and have become typically lawful good, somewhat over the top. They call themselves the Paladins of  the Night. Because of their curse, they long for the sun, but suffer when exposed, so they remain underground, and come out at night.  They are rebels against the Dukes, and Lolth. They are allies to all the races that fought against them in "The Calamity" of the war 100 years ago.

There are no great civilizations standing anymore.

Most of the HIgh elves that weren't killed in the Calamity, had already, or shortly after, fled through the Mists, to try their luck elsewhere.

Most of what used to be the dominant races, are wiped out.

Most of what used to be the "good" cultures and species, are all but wiped out. There is less than 1% of any of each of them left in this manifestation of Beru!

"The Dominants" are now all those "evil" species and cultures that served the Dukes of Hel faithfully, and didn't serve Lolth or Mordred.

Mordred has been "blessed" with a minor form of immortality, increasingly more Lich like. and is considered the "Governor General" under the Imperial Rulers of Hell, and he is but a puppet.

His mother has been forced into being a servent of one of the Rulers. She too still lives through magic unnaturally extending her life. And her illusions of beauty returned.

He has been made ruler of a destroyed world. This is nothing like he wanted. He is miserable, despises, and hates the Rulers, but is powerless.

He resents Lolth for sabotaging him, and her failure to usurp the Dukes. He feels she has her just reward, but feels he is unjustly punished himself. He is still Lawful Evil with Chaotic tendencies. But he would, if they had a chance (whilc still covering his bases if they fail), actually help in orchestrating an attempt to drive the Rulers out of this Beru, seal the Mists back to some semblance of stability, and rebuild the world. Of course he wants it in his image,but currently he would agree to share back to a semblance of "the golden age" before all this.

So, There are fewer than 1% of the original populations of:

Wood Elves - fighting to survive in what little remains of the wild lands. They have overcome their xenophobia of other tribes, and other elves, and for once are working together, though still against other non-elves. And they now have a blood oath vengeance against humans, because they blame Mordred and all his kind for what has happened. While other Wood Elves share this oath, other non-wood elves do not, but they are pretty bitter too.

High Elves - Only a few hundred remain in this world period. The rest died or fled. They are laying low. Their are counting on their immortality to try to wait things out. They are so few they remain fractured and most do not know there are any left, GEnerally only other elves. Everyone else believes they are all gone.

Centaurs - the few remaining are the slave labor of the Rulers minions.

Hybsils - also slaves, used as messengers and other light but fast burdens.

Most horses and livestock have died in the Cataclysm. Their numbers are on the verge of extinction.

The Rules are eating whatever they can, humans, horses, rodents, elves, centaurs, whatever it takes to survive.

Crops are almost nonexistent. If a couple of good years happen in one region, the Tumult sooner or later overtakes it.

Most humans that aren't enslaved have generally gone very much dark side. Of course to everuything ther are exceptions.

Drow are now mostly Good aligned, except for the 1% or so still loyal to Lolth.

The Paladins of the Night (Lawful Good reformed but vengeful Driders and similarly cursed by Lolth) are growing in strength, but have been careful in their approach so that the Rulers don't notice them too much. They are still mostly rumors more than proven. They are seeking out evil, especially those still loyal to Lolth, and any loyal to the Rulers or Mordred, and "giving them their just rewards" of trial, punishment, or execution.

The Imperium of Hell Hierarchy in This Manifestation of Beru:

Imperium: (prior Dukes of Hell, they are equals in this realm, 9 of them, while dominant in their own).

Governor General: Modred, puppet of the Imperium.