Half Elves


Half-elves are treated differently depending on what race-mix they are, the continent/lands they are currently visiting, and the specific culture they are interacting with.

Some lands revere the close union of two races through the joining of blood as a great blessing and supportive of peace and harmony.

While other lands and cultures (including the humans of Regnum Sapientium) abhor the "abomination" of these "half-breeds".

When choosing a Half-elven character, you will need to determine which branch of the elves one of your parents came from.

It is easier for half-elves (except Half-drow) to blend-in among humans than a full elf.

Half-wood-elves have distinctly deep green eyes of the evergreen woods, with sandy to brown hair, and skin that is slightly nut-colored brownish.

Half-drow-elves retain violet irises, and silverish-blonde hair, and dark greyish skin.

Half-sea-elves have distinctly deep blue (of the deep oceans) to stormy grey eyes, with dark hair with slightly bluish highlights in the sun. They tan very well, but if out of the sun, tend to become pale like the underbelly of a fish  with a slightly bluish tinge (if pale).