Southern Lands

This section provides more information about the "Southern Lands" as known of old, all those lands south of the "equator".

Shattered Lands[missing page]

Before becoming the shattered lands or islands, this was a continent, strongly associated with the Great Aquariatus Empire[missing page] before the Great Comet[missing page] destroyed it, known as Tempahatu[missing page] or the Great Green Lands[missing page], mostly covered in heavy rain forests from tropical toward the equator, to temperate near the southern ends.

Abianana[missing page]

The continent primilarily referred to when talking about the Southrons[missing page] as refernced by those in the northern hemisphere.

A mixture of cultures similar to ancient Sumeria, Egypt, various cultures and peoples we might associate with Africa, India, etc.

Before the Great Comet[missing page] these lands were only separated by a small ocenanic rift between Abianana[missing page] and Tempahatu[missing page] (one could just see the beaches of the other from the shore at the edge of the horizon as a slight darkening of the horizon on a clear day.

Since The Shattering, Abianana has been split in twain, and several long-dormant volcanoes have remained very active in both halves. Some call the two halves West Abianana[missing page] and East Abianana[missing page], mostly loremasters, while most just list the individual kingdoms rather than worrying about the separation of the continent into two.

West Abianana[missing page]

A mixture of "South American" and other cultures.

East Abianana[missing page]

A mixture of various "African" & "India" cultures.

Salun Metus[missing page]

A mixture of Aridian (though different kingdom to Aridia, though long ago part of the greater Aridian empire) cultures (MIddle-eastern, Medditerranean, etc.).

Terra Insolitus[missing page]

Mixture of Roman, Central American, Mexican, Thai, Malay, and many others.