Starting at Port Balchoth

A heavy fog is rolling in.

Everyone is talking about threatening armada and forces building from Mordred across the seas.

Recently a portion of the dread armada encircled the seas around the port, and have cut off all traffic in the past 2 days.

The players are meeting at the tavern. Numiens Inn & Tavern.

By various means (background stories), they have each been told to come to this place, at this time to meet with a contact: Human arrogant, disgusted with those around him.


Dressed in white on white, with fine blue filigree. Very effeminate highish voice.

This contact is a representative of “my Lord”.(Lord Arsham (“Very Powerful”) ParizAd (“of divine origin”)

The mission needs to be shaped in a way that actually meets each of their needs. And each is to not reveal the ulterior motive for being on this missions. There is a main reason, that all know about, but each character has an ulterior motive underlying their reasons for taking this mission.

Since they are all first level, they will all have been sent by their masters/trainers/teachers (if applicable, problematic if Kesan chooses something like a non-guild Thief).

This is extra tricky in this particular part of the world. Folks in this town and the surrounding country side have a strong dislike of non-humans. So non-human PCs will have to be in disguise and/or hooded at all times.


Over arching mutual mission.

They will not get to meet with the lord who is offering this mission.

His name is to remain unknown for now by all the PC's but ONE

(who will actually know, is told by his/her master, because the goal is over time, to get in this lord's good graces, and if given the chance to get near him, show an ancient relic to him (Katy's character?)).

None of the other PC's know the lord's name.

They will meet with the representative, who will meet them at the tavern.

The mission is several-fold

Get out of the country ASAP, avoiding the enemy units on the way, and avoid capture at all costs.

Take this sealed ivory scroll case with them.

Visit a small farming village to the east, Kesarnach, and check on the health and well-being of a Lady Dranara. (middle-eastern style woman). The village is at the feet (just west of) the Dragon Spine Mountains.

Give her the ivory case.

Follow her instructions after she opens the case. To go to a near mountain with her, there to speak with the Oracle. She will find out that the western lands are doomed, and already being overridden by those from the lands of the West, but worse yet, these soldiers carry a terrible disease with them, that is starting to spread faster than they are. The Oracle predicts all these lands will be overrun within the year, and the only safety is over the sea.

Travel further east with the lady, to the coast.

Book passage (funds supplied by lady) for the lady to Far Eastern land.

Travel by sea to the Far East land of _________________ (oriental). She has family there, she is half oriental.

There she is to meet her grandfather....


The carriage will have a run-in with some of Mordred's invading forces just within site of the north gates.

The driver, and the three aides will stop the carriage, and jump off, running in the opposite direction.

Torschalan will yell angrily at them for their cowardice, attracting the attention of the enemy soldiers not already engaged in combat, which will then head towards the carriage.

However, Torschalan will also see 2 soldiers in his master's white and blue livery, and yell for them to come here.

He will then frantically climb on top, and as soon as his men climb on, begin charging the (open) gates, running over anyone in the way, even friendly guardsmen, in a desperate attempt to get through the gates.

Include audio effects in background of combat, maybe from the clips from the band....