The Beru Followers

Otherwise known as just "The Followers".

Most people are nervous when around members of The Beru Followers, or "Followers of The Truth".

In their purist pursuit of "What is true", they try to avoid (as much as mortally possible) any concepts of "right or wrong", and focus as much as possible on "what is".

This attempted lack of any established morality concepts is very disruptive to most cultures that have well defined rules.

Like so any other belief systems, there is a spectrum of belief and action on that belief from more "orthodox" to more "liberal" views.

Some of The Followers choose a very pacifist route, while others think a more aggressive approach is a more efficient path towards determining what is true or not.

Some even resort to extreme torture, claiming that no one, not even oneself, can know their true self, until they are under extreme duress, only then can their true self be found.

Notorious as extremely powerful spellcasters of many types, able to draw on multiple technologies and magics from many different plans of the multiverse.

While others are more warrior types, with the mantra, "you do not truly know someone, until your fight them, even yourself."