The Downfall

Known as The Downfall because it was both the falling of the skies (The Comet), and the seeming annihilation of The Drow and many of the other creatures of the Underdark.

Known as The Downfall because it was both the falling of the skies (The Comet), and the seeming annihilation of The Drow[missing page] and many of the other creatures of the Underdark[missing page].

Centuries ago they wiped out the Sea Elves[missing page] mighty underwater kingdoms, and took it over.

Then they began assaults on the separate wood elf lands. They overreached however, when they attempted to take on one of the High Elf kingdoms.

After decades of the Drow growing their power unchallenged, the growth came quickly to a halt. The high elves and the others turned the tide quickly. Steadily the Drow were forced from land after land, though they went the way of the Romans, salting the lands and destroying all they left behind.

The worst of the battle happened in the northern lands. The Drow had their backs to the great ice (much smaller then), they unleashed most of their dragons to fight the other dragons. Volcanoes erupted, the lands were torn asunder. The currently active volcanoes are a remnant of this battle. The Dragonspine Mountains are twice the height they were before the battle (Except in the Jotunheimr[missing page] area).

During the chaos, the Drow used special portals to escape deep underground, and to the far north, deep under the ice. Under all of the dust, and smoke, and chaos, everyone believed most of the Drow were slain during the battles.

Only in the past decade have rumors of the Drow transformed from just “old wives tales” to frighten children into compliance, and into actual sightings of individual Drow here and there. But no more than that.
Some powerful leaders have had secret meetings with Drow emissaries, and been brought into the greater plan.

One of these leaders is Mordred[missing page], son of Morgana leFay[missing page] and Arthur Pendragon[missing page].

Mordred has been building forces, and in the last 2 years, has taken many port cities.
His part of the plan is to take over the central ports that will be so critical as the north ices over.
This will cut off escape and trade that will become increasing vital to survival in the northern lands, and give him control of the seas over a vast area.

He has been “ordered” by the Drow and his mother to only take the port cities, but his personal thirst to for blood, to confront his father on the field, and take the crown with his own hands by force of arms has led him to take the invasion north to Camelot and the surrounding lands. The Drow were fairly certain he would do this despite their “suggestions” he wait. So, when it became clear he was going to spread his forces north, they infected his troops with The Plague[missing page].